Topical pharmaceuticals Safe, effective, affordable & easy to use

Our aim is to provide innovative pharmaceuticals with greater benefits over existing options.

Safe & Effective

Remedor is developing highly safe and effective topical pharmaceuticals for the wound care market. Remedor is a world leader in innovative topical formulations for wound healing of numerous skin condition areas including diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, bed sores, non-healing chronic wounds, surgical wounds, skin injuries, burns, scalding injuries, skin wounds of genetic disorders and rare diseases and for skin care & regeneration.

Products for multiple wound indications to be released in 2022

We are planning to release our innovative pharmaceuticals for wound treatment very soon. Our topical pharmaceuticals are in the process to be approved by various regulatory jurisdictions including the FDA, EMA and others for wound care around the globe. 

A pipeline of products


We fight diabetic foot ulcers...

Lead product

WoundaGel is indicated for the treatment of foot ulcer in adult patients with diabetes. WoundaGel is an adjunct therapy, and not a substitute for good diabetic wound care, which includes initial debridement, wound cleansing, pressure relief, and control of infection. WoundaGel will be applied daily onto a clean wound with a dressing covering up to wound healing and ulcer closure. WoundaGel is currently in phase IIb clinical trials and is expected to be approved in EU & Switzerland by the EMA in 2022 and by the FDA in USA in 2023.    

For regulatory reasons we are not able to provide further details on WoundaGel on this website, but more information may be available by the company upon request.