Clinical research We advance wound healing knowledge

A critical component of our pharmaceutical development is clinical research, which involves conducting clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of our new products. We have proved that our topical technology is safe and effective on chronic foot ulcers of diabetic patients in a clinical environment.

Make a novel solution reachable

The main reasons that encouraged us to fuel our technology is that our pharmaceuticals-based topical technology have shown superiority for safety and effectiveness combined over other current existing solutions including topical growth factors. We have enrolled patients with serious chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers in our clinical trials and we dramatically helped these patients to heal their ulcers and improve their quality of life. We have gained much experience from our past clinical trials and we are preparing for advanced ones that will confirm our data and lead to product approval.

Our motto...

Discovering and developing a therapy that has the potential to transform the wound healing for people battling serious and often life-threatening chronic wounds is our core mission.”