Our business priorities Bring safe & efficient therapy for wound healing through innovation, make a positive change in patients' lives & create value to our stakeholders.

We believe in the importance of bringing an immediate safe and effecient therapy for wound healing in the ever-changing wound care market. Our aim is to make a positive change in the lives of patients with complex wounds and their families, and deliver value to our stakeholders. 

Focus on patients Ingenious technology to help patients with chronic wounds

We focus on developing an ingenious technology which aims to help patients with chronic wounds to live better. Current good chronic wound care is unsatisfactory: More than half of the wounds of all diseases are either still not treated adequately or not treated at all due to lack of working solution. However, an ultimate working solution for this enormous medical need can make a huge difference to the lives of millions of patients and their families.

Excellence in science Breakthrough technology for wound healing

We strive to address the problem of wound healing and care through excellence in both science and technology. Our scientific and technological breakthroughs increasingly allow us to precisely find out what is malfunctioning is in the wound repair process of chronic wounds, thus developing the appropriate topical products to solve the problem. We primarily target diabetic foot ulcer, venous ulcer and burns, but we also pursue wounds of rare diseases such as those patients with wounds of the genetic deblitating disorder "Epidermolysis Bullosa" giving them some hope. Additionally, we are capable to apply our technology to other kind of wounds to expand our product portfolio.

Access to healthcare Affordable wound care pharmaceuticals

We aim to bring our pharmaceuticals to the hands of as many patients in need as possible. We customize and adjust each product of our innovation to any wound type that originates from any condition or disease to provide the appropriate solution. We work with many local and global partners to get marketing approval to our products under the necessary regulatory jursidiction in order to access the wound care market globally and to establish innovative and sustainable ways to bring safe, effective and affordable wound care pharmaceuticals to patients.

Great return on investment Driven by our novel solution that will occupy the wound care market

We are committed to strengthening and maintaining an excellent return on investment to every investor who is interested of being an integral part of Remedor. Our investors make our business. Our investors support and fund our technology to guarantee our products reach the patients who need them. We believe the key to success lies in our ability to bring on board potential strategic investors either privately or publicly via initial public offering (IPO).  

Sustainable value Driven by our strategy for Remedor growth

We are a business focused on ethical values to create a long-term partnership with our stakeholders. Through developing our novel technology to treat wounds we target large number of patients globally. Our sustainable value lies in our ability to develop efficient strategies to Remedor growth.