Chairman of the Board of Directors Remedor Biomed Ltd, Nazareth Illit, Israel


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Remedor Biomed Ltd., Nazareth Illit, Israel


Pharma companies unlike any other business are not here only to make money, but also to maintain good public health and enhance patients’ quality of life. Pharma companies make money by discovering, developing and marketing the medications. These medications before hitting the market, need to undergo lengthy and expensive clinical trials to prove their safety and effectiveness over existing alternatives (if any). Once approved, these medications are then launched in the market for a specific use that too for a long time. Although, this whole process of discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing the medication makes the business expensive and challenging, the return on investment in the pharma field has a profound contribution to the wellfare of society and business growth and profit.

Word of the Chairman

Maintaining good health has always been a major concern of people all over the world. As a pharmaceutical company, Remedor is addressing wound healing problems with the utmost seriousness and sincerity. Everyone at Remedor is committed to their day-to-day activities, which are always informed by our Corporate Mission, "to contribute to better wound care for people all over the world" and our Corporate Ideology "Sustainable Value." In order for Remedor to fulfill this Corporate Mission, in 2017 we decided to dedicate ourselves to wound healing and topical drugs. In line with this policy, we adopted our Long-Term Vision 2019 with the theme "Different Company for Wound Healing." In order to offer our products to patients with complex wounds, skin disorders and diseases, under that long-term vision, we concentrated our managerial resources in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing activities for wound healing pharmaceuticals. As a result, Remedor has established a unique product pipeline of a novel technology that built a reputation for integrity among the wound healing field throughout Switzerland, Europe and USA as a pharmaceutical company specializing in wound healing. To expand our contributions to wound healing, we launched our Long-Term Vision 2019 with the theme "Excellence in Wound Healing" and the following four new key phrases: "Wound Healing Network," "Innovative Concept," "Universal Topical Pharmaceuticals with Excellent Value," and "Global Business." This new vision is designed to integrate wound healing-related knowledge and expertise from around the world, and to innovate along the wound care management (treatment, and aftercare). Moreover, we will continuously enhance and further develop our products to occupy the market by creating added value. Through our efforts to achieve the goals set out in our Long-Term Vision 2019, we will contribute to the wound healing of people all over the world by striving to work to achieve "Excellence" in everything we do.